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Football Sports Nutrition

Football Players and Sports Nutrition

If you play football, either professionally or as a hobby, you have probably heard just how important the practice of proper sports nutrition is. Many people are aware of this fact but still do not have a clear idea of everything that sports nutrition entails. Sports nutrition, in short, can be thought of as eating a healthy, balanced, and specialized diet and following a carefully constructed exercise plan in order to achieve a higher level of athletic performance and personal health. In order to do this, most football players will require the help of a nutritionist.

These professionals will work with the player in order to create a healthy eating plan with balanced amounts of amino acids, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Nutritionists might also suggest the use of vitamins, minerals, or special supplements. When a perfect balance of these substances in achieved, players are able to perform better and for longer amounts of time. If you play football and are not currently following this type of plan, then you need to start doing so today. Not only will you be able to reach your optimal level of health, but your game and athletic abilities will undoubtedly improve.

If, for any reason, you are unable to hire a professional nutritionist, it is possible to create a healthy eating plan on your own. You can do this by carefully studying and utilizing the food pyramid and other health guidelines. While eating healthy can have you feeling and playing better, it will usually take the use of at least a few different supplements to reach your peak performance level. These supplements, however, must be used responsibly and correctly in order for them to be healthy and for you to reap their full benefits. A few good products to consider using include dietary protein, Creatine, and other natural acid supplements.

When these supplements are used correctly, in combination with a properly balanced diet regimen, they will help you to maximize playing ability, strengthen your body, quicken the muscle building process, and will also promote self-healing of the body. If used incorrectly, these supplements may have adverse effects as well. This is why it is important to seek the advice of a doctor or other health care professional before beginning to use any new supplement. You should always find out the proper amounts of these supplements for your needs and how often they may be used before you ever make a purchase or take your first dose.

When using sports nutrition to improve your football playing skills and abilities, always remember that your health should be your first priority. This is even more important than your athletic abilities, so you’ll want to take this matter seriously. In everything, practice moderation and good common sense. Never put anything into your body without understanding its effects and don’t go overboard with any one thing. This includes exercise, supplements, health products, and food. When it comes to proper sports nutrition, it’s all about a healthy balance. Remember that there is such a thing as “too much of a good thing,” and act responsibly at all times. 

  • Footballers should hydrate themselves before training or a match or they could be paying for it during the match, when they're dehydrated and noticing their performance slip 


  • Usable energy is the keyword here - preferably from slow release carbohydrates such as barley starch, this enables footballers to maintain their performance without having highs and lows of energy


  • Protein is a very important factor with footballers too, the rigorous training regimen requires muscles to rebuild stronger and faster


  • Good natural fats should also be considered within the amateur or professional footballer as they're good for the heart and overall health and wellbeing
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