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L-Valine Powder

  • Maximum Potency
  • No Added Sugars
  • No Added Fillers

Do not exceed recommended dosage. Keep food supplements out of reach of children. Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Consult your doctor before consuming supplements if you are using any medication, if you are pregnant , or suffering ill health. The salt content is exclusively due to the presence of naturally occurring sodium. Manufactured in a facility that handles peanuts, eggs, nuts and cereals containing gluten. Always read the label before use.

  • Lowest Price in Europe
  • Increased recovery
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved muscle development
  • Good source of amino acids


For some people, no matter how hard they workout they just can't seem to get the same muscle gains as others do. One of the reasons can often be the difference in people's metabolisms. L-Valine powder is an effective metabolism supplement that can improve the absorption and metabolism of carbohydrates as well as balancing nitrogen levels and helping to regulate the immune system, which is also essential for anybody undertaking a fitness regime. If you are not getting the muscle gains you want, try L-Valine Powder from IronScience, as you may be surprised by the results.

L-Valine benefits

L-Valine is an important amino acid that plays a crucial role in metabolism and for the regulation of the immune system. Insufficient L-Valine is often the cause of poor muscle gain. Because L-Valine cannot be produced by the body, to increase levels you need to either eat foods rich in this important amino acid, such as green vegetables, beans and chicken, or take an L-Valine supplement. As well as being a crucial amino acid for the metabolism, helping to speed up muscle repair, other L-Valine benefits include regulating the immune system and boosting muscle energy, both also crucial for athletes wanting to grow muscle or improve strength.

L-Valine bodybuilding

Many bodybuilders are now starting to see the benefits of metabolism supplements such as L-Valine. Often taken with Leucine, L-Valine Powder from IronScience can help increase muscle growth and speed up the recovery process. The main L-Valine bodybuilding benefit, however, is in encouraging muscle growth and regulating nitrogen levels. In addition, as a branched-chain amino acid, L-Valine provides additional muscle energy. Furthermore, as L-Valine help regular the immune system, it can ensure you are able to fight off those ailments and illness that can make training difficult.

Metabolism supplement

All sorts of supplements are available that claim to help boost performance and muscle gain, but L-Valine is among those few metabolism supplements that work. If you are short of branched-chain amino acids, you'll never get the gains you hope for in the gym, no matter how hard you work. Taking L-Valine Powder from IronScience can increase recovery, boost energy levels, balance nitrogen levels, regulate the immune system and ensure good muscle development. Easy to mix with your regular protein drink or fruit juice, L-Valine Powder from IronScience will help both during exercise by increasing energy levels, and post workout by encouraging muscle repair and promoting muscle growth.

Contains 100% L Valine Powder


Best mixed with your protein drink, fruit juice, or favourite beverage