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All Proteins

Most athletes, bodybuilders, and others embarking on a fitness plan will know that protein is an important part of their diet. There are high and low biological protein sources. What a lot of these individuals may not realise, some protein sources contain higher amounts of essential and non essential Amino Acids, and will vary in protein and fat content. The advantages of using an engineered protein powder leads to a lower fat and carbohydrate content in many cases, offering the advantage of convenience not to mention cost efficiency.

To make healthier protein choices, ensure you get your protein from a variety of different sources, doing so will ensure you get all 22 Amino Acids needed for human muscle tissue growth and recovery, plus you won’t get bored with your diet and become tempted to “cheat” on unhealthy foods. Foods like salmon, tuna and other kinds of fish, beans, lentils and lean chicken are all good choices. You should limit consuming too much red meat and high fat dairy prodcts. Soya products can also be a good source of high protein in your diet, especially if you have an intolerance with dairy products. It is important to note protein is best absorbed with a balanced low GI carbohydrate diet, finding the perfect balance.

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