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To avoid added calories that can lead to weight gain and other health problems, you might be tempted to pass up that sugary drink in favor of a diet soda flavoured with artificial sweeteners. The truth of the matter is, however, that drinking that sugary drink would be better for you than ingesting the artificial sweetener. While these sweeteners don’t usually contain any calories, they are very bad for your health, especially with excessive use. They have been found to zap energy, to produce headaches, and worst of all, to make you crave real sugar so intensely that you end up binging on it anyway.

If you absolutely must use an artificial sweetener, go for the most natural one that you can find. Natural products should be made from trace amounts of natural sugar and should contain fewer chemicals than the traditional sweeteners found at the super market. Checking out the local health food or natural food store for such sweeteners is a good idea. You should also be sure to limit your intake of artificial sweeteners. The Food and Drug Administration sets what is known as an ADI or acceptable daily intake for each different type of sweetener. You should never consume more than this stated amount. Also remember, that if you do have a sweet tooth, it’s best to treat it with foods that contain natural, healthy sugars such as fresh fruits or natural fruit juices. That way, you can get your sugary treat and skip on both the calories and chemicals.

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